What is viral marketing?

Happy Election Day everyone!  I fought my instincts and followed my peers’ advice and stayed away from talking politics and comparing the two campaign’s selling style.  I now regret that decision and wish I had put up some posts about how each campaign approaches selling their candidate.  I was worried about offending 1/2 of my audience.  In retrospect, I think I underestimated your understanding that I would be talking about selling and not politics (you can get that type of input from several other thousand blogs if you want it).  At any rate, we must march on – see me in four years.

I’ve gotten a few emails over the past several months asking exactly what viral marketing is.

I typically explain what it is and how it can help your sales efforts.  I’m finding an interesting pattern where the sales engineers get the concept and want to develop a campaign but upper management isn’t on-board.

We’ve all heard the term ‘viral’ before but it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to explain – until now.  The folks at VM People created this awesome video that we can all understand.

It walks you through the process of using viral marketing and selling to sell more soap.  The main point is to give your product advocates the tools and motivation to help you sell.  Pretty cool stuff.

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#1 Solomon Williams on 11.05.08 at 9:43 pm

I thought that was a great talk on viral marketing. I’ll be sure to share this blog post with others.

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