Topgrading for Sales – Book Review

Topgrading for SalesI recently read “Topgrading for Sales” by Bradford Smart and Greg Alexander. It is a Bible of sorts for hiring and growing a top shelf sales staff.

Now I’m the first to admit that I’m not the best Sales Manager. I prefer working in and with smaller companies and typically have less than five people working for me and on the surface the book seems to be targeted toward large organizations. But as I dug into it and all the forms and formulas presented, I started realizing that the book was applicable to salespeople as well as sales managers. And for managers with a small team, it is even more important to hire the right people from the start, a single poor performer can cripple the organization.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the list called “A Player Sales Reps – Let’s Count the Joys”

The joys of having high performing sales reps are many, because A players:

  1. “get” the strategy the Chief Sales Officers create and make it a reality;
  2. assure that your monthly, quarterly, and annual forecasts are met;
  3. assure high R&D yield;
  4. innovate;
  5. provide you bench strength for promotability to Sales Manager;
  6. sell at higher prices than other reps can sell;
  7. are talent magnets;
  8. extend customer life;
  9. lessen the need for managerial overhead;
  10. enable organizational harmony.

Since the book points out many ways that salespeople should be judged – it makes sense that you should read it to see how you’re being judged. Take the tests and honestly grade yourself. Learn what you need to work on and get training to make yourself better. Let us know how you do!

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