Sales Strategy, Part II

sales-strategy-make-moneyIn our previous sales strategy post we talked about the difficult sales approach of saving your prospects money in the future if they only spend more money now.

But what about instead of saving them money, you sold a solution that made them more money.  That’s a sure bet right?

Well, it depends.

You need to remember that cash is extremely tight right now and even if you can make your prospect $1,000,000 in October if they just spend $50,000 in March; it is still likely that you will lose that sale.  Your prospect probably doesn’t have the $50k to spend right now.

An example here may be if you sold a software package guaranteeing more and better visitors to a Website, thus generating exponentially more sales – but the development and installation will take several months to complete.

So now I’ve gone through two faulty sales strategies and there is only one left – save your prospects money right now, see the next post.

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