Sales leads – press release sources

Press releaseFollowing up the general comments in “Where do sales leads come from?“, here is a bit more detail on the idea of prospecting press release sources to keep the top end of your sales funnel full. I’m assuming here that you track your prospect’s news releases – if not, you should be. Whenever something new hits the wire where you product or service can be used, shamelessly contact the release source. An opening phone statement can be something as simple as:

Hi Jane, I saw your press release announcing your expansion plans in Houston and was hoping to talk with you for three minutes about your networking needs. [don’t leave time for a response here] I promise that this won’t be a hard sales pitch and at any time during the discussion you are free to tell me that it doesn’t sound like a good fit and I won’t bother you again. Our widgets have been used in similar plants to increase network speed by 60% and I just want to see if we can offer you that same type of value.

This should buy you that three minutes – keep to that time and ask for permission to talk longer if you need to.

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