Sales Funnel Generator

Thank you for your interest in the Sales Funnel Generator

By using this tool, you’ll be able to:

  • Focus your efforts to make more money
  • Better track your current and future customers
  • Identify and secure repeat orders from current customers
  • Ensure that you’ll never be desperate to close a deal again
  • Identify top performers in your sales organization
  • Determine which customers aren’t worth your time and effort
  • Provide more accurate and timely forecasts

Example Sales Funnel (Quickie)

sales-funnelSee the related post for a detailed sales funnel analysis example.  The accompanying figure shows an example sales funnel output of the Generator.

A few sales insights are immediately apparent.  A quick look at the top of the funnel reveals that your sales efforts should be concentrated on Companies K, R, and S in an effort to bring them down to a closed sale.

Perhaps another quick observation is that some efforts could be shifted away from Company JJ to focus more on Company FF since they are a more sought after strategic partner.

There are many more insights and views to consider, but this will suffice for a quick sample sales funnel.

Steps to using the Sales Funnel Generator

sales-funnel-input There are four simple steps to setting up the sales template and they all occur on the “Data input” worksheet – see accompanying figure. Note that you must enable macros for this to work.

  1. List all the companies, in any order, you (or your team) deal with in column A starting in row 3.
  2. In the corresponding “Winning percentage” column choose from the drop-down list how likely you feel you are to win that company’s business. The choices are, in order of likelihood, NIL, VERY LOW, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, VERY HIGH (note that it is very important to use the drop-down list instead of typing in the text). This step regulates how high in the funnel the company ends up – for example, NIL selections are at the top of the funnel while VERY HIGH selections are at the very bottom of the funnel neck.
  3. In the corresponding “Category” column choose from the drop-down list how important this account is to your overall strategy. The choices are, in order of importance, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH. This step regulates the relative size of the company’s name in the resulting funnel. Prospects with a HIGH rating are the largest font, while company’s rated LOW show up as the smallest font.
  4. This is an optional step where you can record in the “Account manager” column the person responsible for managing this account – don’t worry about this for now.

Generating the Sales Funnel

sales-funnel-exampleAfter the template is set up, you are ready to create your personalize sales funnel.

This is as simple as clicking on the “Go” button in row 1, column E.

Once initiated, go to the “Working sheet” tab to see the results – see the accompanying figure.

If, as occasionally happens with extremely long-named companies, names overlap and are difficult to read, simply hit the “Shuffle” button to readjust the name spacing.

Once you are satisfied with the layout, hit the “Snapshot” button to make a copy of the funnel and place it on the “Snapshot” tab – you can then copy and paste it from there into the application of your choice.

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