Playing hard to get marketing

Hard to get marketingPlaying hard to get is an accepted, and effective, way to lure a potential mate into a relationship – so why not apply it to your selling strategy.

I first picked up the subject several years ago from an article in the Harvard Business Review, I think they called it “retro marketing”. It essentially means that you lay out what you have and then revert to a take-it or leave-it attitude with your prospect.

I’ve come to rely on this sales approach rather heavily over the years and will lay out a hard example in the next post, but the main ideas follow:

  • being hard to get doesn’t imply that you can be arrogant
  • you need to have the best quality and customer service to pull this sales strategy off
  • you need to be prepared to walk away from any deal you try this on
  • you need to believe that your proposed solution is the best solution for your client
  • you (might) need your boss’s agreement to deploy this strategy
  • you need to understand your competitors offerings before trying this

The main point is to be careful, because once you put this idea out there, it’s tough to claw back to another starting point and alternative strategy.  The idea is to extract what your solution is worth and to keep your prospect’s best interest at heart – that can be a fine line to walk.

The next post will have a real world example of this strategy in action.

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