Getting to true sales emotions

Sales emotions

I was trying to convey the idea of knowing when you are really at the true pain or sales emotion of a prospect.  I used the following example which seemed to really hit home.

Imagine this same question with only a single word changed – and how that single word changes your answer over a rainbow of possibilities.

Question: Would you die for your X?

  1. Pet?  No way, I love my beagle, but a dog is a dog when my life is on the line.
  2. Friend?  Nope, sorry Bro.
  3. Siblings?  Hate to say it but probably not, I have a family of my own to worry about and can’t leave them high and dry with no support.
  4. Parents?  Call me ungrateful, but most likely see #3.
  5. Spouse? Yup.
  6. Children?  No question, bring it on.

Do you see how we went through a sequence until we reached a point of no return – ok, so now you need to craft your pitch around my little buddies and my darling wife.  That is where my deep passion lies.  Anything else you’re wasting your time.

Our job as salespeople, is to ask the right sales questions in the initial sales call so that you know where my needs and pains really are.  My needs may be broad based (say life insurance), but my pain is centered around my wife and children.

Bottom line: I don’t care what you’re selling, the person sitting across the sale’s table from you has a few key pains that you need to uncover.  Ever run across a buyer that needs to close a deal by the end of the quarter or they lose their job?  Dig, dig, dig.

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