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Opening up doorsIn Getting the initial sales appointment, we talked about the importance of gathering background information before you dive into a sales call.

What you’re looking for in the information gathering session is an “in” into your prospect’s heart. Let’s say that you developed a novel technology that will make RFID tracking a thing of the past and you want to roll it out with the world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart.

So in preparing for your initial call to the logistics department, do you need to memorize that Wal-Mart is projected to add 170 super centers in two years? (note that super centers carry groceries unlike their standard discount stores) No, but you do need to understand that Wal-Mart is moving toward all super centers and away from standard discount stores. And it just so happens that your technology works fine on crinkled up bags of frozen chicken nuggets while the competition was designed for standard square boxes above freezing temperatures.

There’s your in.

What I’m getting at here is the fact that you need to find out how you can add value to your prospect’s organization before you call. Otherwise you’re stuck with a complete cold call and that typically isn’t a fun thing to do. So we’re going to assume here that you at least know that your product can be used by your prospect and you’re never in a position where you have to ask, “Would something like this interest you?”

This procedure of finding an in and leveraging it to get your prospect to beg you for more information is the same whether you’re selling high-tech gizmos or bath soap. So go out there and get your in.

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#1 Hicham on 12.03.15 at 11:55 am

Please read a book named A CASE AGAINST WALLMART written by an American Citizen. Hell lot of prfoos on how Wallmart is controlling the retail arena and screwing its employees

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