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Open for businessI try really, really hard not to mix personal sales efforts in with the posts (right now it’s below 1%) but I’m so excited about this new venture I’m involved in that I just can’t contain myself.  The success of this EngineersCanSell site has really opened some exciting new doors for me – thank you all for that.

I’ve joined forces with a few dynamite design and marketing partners to form aCreativeSource.com.  We are now in a position to offer services across all sales and marketing functions.  Our specialty is blending marketing and sales strategies in a cost effective manner.

As a new entity, we’ve already completed jobs ranging from designing logos, marketing brochures, and Web sites to developing full blown marketing and sales plans to executing a survey and cold call strategy to develop high quality prospect lists.

Oh, the point of this post.  Please check out our new site at http://aCreativeSource.com and if you have a need for our service and are one of the first ten people to mention “EngineersCanSell”, we’re offering 20% off in exchange for a testimonial.

I’ll warn you that I may have another exciting announcement in the months ahead!

Update: This offer has filled up and is now closed – thanks for the interest.

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