Example sales scenario

Knowledge is powerThere are so many purchasing scenarios that it might seem difficult to choose a representative example. If you really look at this layer, however, the steps don’t really change much regardless of if you’re selling chewing gum to Wal-Mart or heating shields to NASA.

Setting the stage for this example requires you to picture yourself as a raw material provider to a medium size business that is making a lot of money by turning your material into finished goods. You have competition, but your two advantages are that you are the only domestic source and your quality is second to none. Your weaknesses on the other hand are price, and lead-time.

Based on all your work up to this point, you know that they really want a domestic source for this product and it might even become mandatory in the future. They like your quality, but others are also acceptable. You need to work on lead-time, and then there’s the price issue to deal with.

You go in with your zero-surprise proposal and go over it in detail with your contact Sally. No surprises are found and she assures you that it will fly through procurement and you should see an order in about a week.

A week passes by.

Another week, still nothing, but you don’t want seem desperate, so you don’t call.

Finally on the third week you call Sally and she doesn’t even know where it’s at in the process. Perhaps you should have scheduled a call two weeks ago. At any rate, she checks into it and Jack the CFO has it. You’ve never met or even heard of Jack, but he now controls your destiny. You ask Sally for permission to call on Jack and she gives you his number.

“Jack, this is Eric on the line. I’m calling to check and see if you have any questions on our proposal.” To be honest Eric, it isn’t that big of a priority to us right now and I haven’t even looked at it. “Oh, I see. I must have misunderstood Sally; I thought you needed this material delivered by the end of next month in order for you to win the GE account?”

Complete silence…how could you possibly know that!!!

As the oft quoted saying goes – knowledge is power.

Jack thought he had the upper hand because you’ve never met him and he has a big scary title. But if you did your homework, you have the leverage because he doesn’t know exactly how much you know.

“Jack, are you still there?” Uh, yes. Well would you be willing to come in next week to present your best and final offer.

Oh how the winds of desperation have shifted.

You now have the leverage, don’t give it up. You are providing a valuable service and helping your prospect get a large amount of business and deserve to be properly remunerated for it.

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