• How are posts organized?
  • Well, they really aren’t. If I started out this blog in say chronological order, that would presume that I wouldn’t miss any subjects during the planning phase and secondly, it would assume that I won’t learn anything new that I wish to pass onto you during this process. I’m neither arrogant enough nor foolish enough to believe either of those situations won’t occur. While the order may be somewhat random, note that the categories along the side of this blog group the posts into their respective sales funnel layers.

  • What are the steps in your selling sytem?
  • Sales funnelOur system focuses on walking prospects and customers through a well-defined sales funnel. By paying attention to each layer in your personal sales funnel, you can ensure a healthy flow of orders out of the bottom end. Diligent tracking of where all your accounts and opportunities fall within this funnel will reveal astonishing strengths and weaknesses in your sales approach and allow you to reshape the way you attack and attain your sales goals. By following these steps, you will never again panic that you haven’t made your numbers at the end of any month, quarter, or year.

  • Why did you start this?
  • Engineers and other technical people are often unfairly put into sales roles without training or adequate corporate assistance. When failure occurs, the employee is blamed instead of the employer.

    Engineers can sell better than professional salesmen.

    I aim to provide you with tools and techniques that will allow you to articulate your products and services in such a manner that you’ll stand out from the crowd in a good way with your customer’s best interest at heart and not just a quick sale up your sleeve.

  • How can I get in touch with you?
  • Either use our Contact page or email at:
    eric.bono [at] engineerscansell [dot] com

  • Do you consult?
  • The short answer is that it depends. I used to jump at every opportunity that came down the pike. Two things have happened that make me a bit more discerning now. The first is that I’ve become more specialized – meaning that while I would be a great fit for some of the work out there, there might be better fits with other people. As such, I’m happy to listen to your situation and refer you to the best source to solve your particular needs – whether it’s me or not. Secondly, I just don’t have a lot of time anymore.

    So bottom line is that I would ask you to please send me a note about your situation, and we’ll touch base to see if I’m a good fit. If we determine that I’m not, I’ll be sure to put you in touch with some other well qualified consultants. One thing I’ve been doing more and more of is virtual consulting – either over the phone or via videoconferencing, it’s become both economical and beneficial to all parties.

  • Do you offer training?
  • I’m flattered that I’ve been asked this quite a few times all ready. I’ve done some telephone consults and put together sales plans, marketing plans, and competitive analysis reports at this point and would love to talk with you about your needs. I’m thinking of taking the show on the road if there is enough interest – drop me a line and let me know if this is something that you or your organization is interested in.

  • What is your personal sales philosophy?
  • There are a plethora of sales philosophies out there, and I’m sure that we’ll touch on many of them in postings on this blog. I’m not a big believer in any single philosophy, I’ve read over a hundred sales and marketing books and have yet to find a single philosophy that suits me – and that’s fine.

    At the heart of my belief system is that you need to help your client, not sell them – if that means recommending them away from you, then so be it. I throw the term ‘close’ out of my vocabulary (there goes the Always Be Closing philosophy!).

    Always have the customer’s best interest at heart.

    Making a sale should open the door for future opportunities, not close it. And if you do things correctly, you’ll almost never need to put pressure on the client to close the deal, it will be an obvious end to your discussions, but we’ll get into much more detail about this in the postings themselves.

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