Eric’s pictureAt the heart of my essence, I’m a salesman – even if my resume doesn’t have that word on it anywhere. My educational background is mechanical engineering (B.S. and M.S., University of Pittsburgh), and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business. If you’re interested, check out my LinkedIn profile.

Like most engineers, I struggle with not plowing into the technical mire of the solutions that I’m selling and instead concentrating on helping my clients solve their pressing needs. Sometimes I struggle even more with keeping my sales staff on track for the same reason – you see I always hire engineers for open sales positions, but that’s a topic unto itself.

I’m still actively selling myself – and I don’t mean my coaching services or this blog, I mean out in the real world; this is part of my philosophy here, I require myself to practice what I preach. My professional passion lies in leveraging retail consumer techniques to the hi-tech market space. And by hi-tech I mean any engineered solution selling – not just the IT world. I’ve sold products with a sales cycle of a few minutes (retail) to as long as five-years (aircraft engine materials).

On the personal side, I have a wonderful and beautiful wife that puts up with a lot of my crazy ideas and theories. I have one child that is truly the light of my life. He keeps me well grounded and melts away worldly problems with his single-dimple smile and heart tugging hugs.

Professionally, I’m an engineer, salesman, sales manager, consultant, trainer, entrepreneur, inventor, and devoted dreamer. One of my favorite activities is working with small and start-up companies to help craft sales plans and general business strategies. I’ve started and sold companies and understand the economic situations that start-ups share – drop me a line to discuss your situation.

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