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A quick (Summit Materials) update

summit-materials-sm-100-knifeAs I’ve gotten countless requests and well wishes over the past couple of years, I feel that I owe a brief update on my doings. We formed an advanced manufacturing and materials company, Summit Materials, in mid-2009 focusing on near-net shape manufacturing to save our customers 30% and we have developed an alloy, SM-100(TM), that provides a unique combination of excellent corrosion and wear resistance at the same time. It is used in applications ranging from knives to bearings to firearm components.

So that is what’s been keeping me so busy. I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but I’ve never been more professionally happier at the same time.

I hope to get back to this blog soon, as I truly do enjoy it as an outlet and miss the community that grew around it. Perhaps I’ll broaden the scope to include lesson learned from my start-up experiences as well as what it’s like to drum up sales for a completely new product and process.