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Site on hold … for now

onholdI have a confession. I’ve been trying to raise money to start up an innovative manufacturing company for a spell and it looks like we’re going to close on our first funding round very soon.

As such, I have to put this site on hold due to a dramatic loss of any free time.

If anyone out there has any interest in purchasing this site, I’m open to selling it, otherwise, there’s still a boatload of sales and marketing information on here, so I’m not going to officially close it down quite yet.

Changing sales jobs (go out on top)

outontopIn this crazy economic environment, a lot of people are swapping jobs because the grass is always greener as the saying goes. Today’s sales post warns you not to stop working hard for your current company during your two-week notice and to go out on top of your game.

Work hard so that all your customers know you are leaving and there are no hard feelings and inform them who they should be contacting in your absence.

The reason for this seemingly weird behavior is two-fold.  First, and most importantly, it is the right thing to do.  If you are collecting a pay check, you owe 100% effort to your employer.  Secondly, this world is pretty darn small (and getting smaller) you’ll be surprised how often you end up selling to, working for, or competing against folks you thought you’d never see again.

Bottom line is to be responsible and work hard until the door hits you in the rear end!

One sales question isn’t enough

sales-questionsWe’re all taught in Sales 101 to ask ourselves “Why would our prospect buy this product/service?” I’m here to tell you that this question is only the tip of the iceberg and if you leave it at this you’re only doing your competition a favor.

I can’t lay claim to the two follow up question that I’m going to put here, but I can’t quite remember the exact sales source either – I think it might have been from the SalesRoundup show. At any rate the follow up sales questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Why would they buy this product or service right now? and
  2. Why would they buy it from you?

By understanding why they need it right now you really get at their painful needs and can better control the pending sales negotiation.  And you certainly need to know why they would buy from you and not your competition … so that you can educate them on this very matter.